How do foreign passengers travel from Taoyuan International Airport to the hotel?

Taoyuan Airport MRT service. The bus time is about 45 minutes/the fare is NT$160→Taipei MRT→Take the Red MRT Tamsui Line→The journey time is about 35 minutes. /Fare NT$35→MRT Xinbeitou Station→Passengers call to the hotel +886-2-2897-3611 for free Shuttle

Taoyuan Airport→Kuo Kuang Passenger Bus Line 1819 to Taipei→range time is about 60 minutes/Fare NT$125→Taipei Station transfers to Taipei MRT→→Take the Red MRT Tamsui Line→The journey time is about 35 minutes/fare NT$35→ MRT Xinbeitou Station → Housing passengers call to the hotel +886-2-2897-3611 for free shuttle

Taoyuan Airport→TAXI→Range time is about 60 minutes/fare is about NT$1500→Hotel

How does the MRT Xinbeitou Station go to the hotel?

【Free shuttle service】
The hotel provides free private car transfer service for the passengers. The service time is from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Please call when you arrive at the MRT Xinbeitou Station. We will immediately send a car to pick up and drop off. The connection location is opposite the MRT Xinbeitou Station. The "sushiexpress" will be next to 7-11. After arriving at the MRT Xinbeitou Station, please go to the hotel counter +886-2-2897-3611

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