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Love Suite

Room type is located at 2F, 3F, with no extra bed service, privacy, quiet, privacy, 8.5 ping Double bed 200 x 200cm guest rooms are independent soup rooms have external window view, room type can be changed to 2 small beds, such as There is a demand, please note at the time of booking to reply to the main hotel; room type and floor arrangements to provide on-site, will not accept the specified.






(Holiday accommodation +NT$1300 Rest +NT$500)


  • 房內溫泉湯池

  • 淋浴間

  • 浴缸

  • 吹風機

  • 淋浴間附設蒸汽浴

  • 電視

  • 中英日電視節目

  • 自動空調控溫裝置

  • 電話

  • 電子保險箱

  • Wi-Fi

  • 電熱毯(限冬季)


  • 個人衛浴清潔用品

  • 梳子

  • 刮鬍刀

  • 棉花棒

  • 浴巾

  • 毛巾

  • 小毛巾

  • 浴袍

  • 室內拖鞋


  • 沐浴乳

  • 香皂

  • 洗髮精

  • 潤髮乳

  • 身體乳液

  • 客房鑰匙

  • 飯店介紹手冊

  • 禁煙樓層

  • 商務資訊

Mini bar

  • 冰箱

  • 免費礦泉水

  • 免費咖啡

  • 免費茶包

Details of room type

  • The definition of the holiday is based on the official website announcement.

  • This reservation is subject to availability and is subject to availability.

  • If you have made your reservation, you will not be able to make a refund for one year from the date of stay and within one year from the date of stay.

  • Has been selected to confirm the room type booking confirmation, the day can not temporarily change the room type, floor and room type to provide the main site of the hotel, will not accept the designated.

  • Check-in time is after 4pm and check-out time is before 12:00 noon.

  • Children fee: 3 years old free, 3 ~ 5 years old NT $ 300 with breakfast, 6 years old NT $ 600 with breakfast.

  • Admission is not included in the room rate NT $ 600 with breakfast, plus an extra bed fee NT $ 800 with breakfast, extra bed room type only to provide long-term suites and the only suite.

  • Housing only provides a key to the room, such as the inadvertent loss of compensation for replacement costs NT $ 300.

  • The hotel provides free shuttle bus service for the hotel. The service is from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Please make an appointment with the hotel. No reservations will be made to the hotel. The location is opposite to the new Beitou MRT station. At 7-11, please arrive at the hotel counter after arrival.

  • The hotel has a flat parking lot to provide free parking for housing passengers, to the hotel can only travel medium bus shuttle, large tour bus can not enter.

  • Restaurant opening hours: breakfast 07:30 ~ 10: 00, lunch 11:30 ~ 15:30, refreshments 10: 00 ~ 21: 00, dinner 17: 30 ~ 21: 00; menu to provide two pots NT $ 1500 yuan / pot , Dumplings soup NT $ 300 yuan, braised beef noodles NT $ 300 yuan to choose, the restaurant consumption of 10% service fee (housing passengers free).

  • In the hotel, no pets are allowed.

  • Housing prices have been included in the meal or other items, passengers due to personal factors are not used, are deemed to automatically give up, passengers may not require refund or other compensation.

  • In accordance with the Ministry of Communications, on January 24, 2006, the Company has issued the "Regulations on Contractualized Contracts for Individual Visitors to Tourist Hotels". For details, please contact the Tourism Information Bureau of the Ministry of Communications. Qualitative contract area query. (Ministry of Communications Tourism Bureau Information System Website: http://admin.taiwan.net.tw)

  • No matters to the scene announcement shall prevail.