The day is in the morning, starting with a delicious breakfast that awakens the body.

Passengers who have not booked a breakfast plan can also purchase it at check-in.

【Buffet buffet breakfast】

※Breakfast pricing



 Breakfast 07:30-10:00

『合』 Restaurant

The restaurant has a comfortable environment and a relaxing moment to recharge energy.

[Hot Pot]
Introducing a healthy and healthy diet, the hotel specialize in steaming, simmering, and boiled "pots" dishes, emphasizing the selection of high-quality ingredients.

※ Pricing:

NT$1500+10%/2 per


 Lunch 11:30-15:30
 Light Meal 10:00-21:00
 Dinner 17:30-21:00


Versatile flexible meeting space for small seminars.

A variety of conference project styles, conference projects, elite conference projects, or customized conferences.

[Essence Conference Project]
※Two hours of meeting time
※ 1 lunch or dinner lunch
※ meeting refreshments 2 times
※Projector, microphone 2, lecture table, activity screen, paper pen, boiling water