Beitou Museum

Preserving and displaying Taiwan's early folk art and folk relics, there are nearly 5,000 pieces of cultural relics in the collection.

Opening Hours:10:00-18:00

(Monday: Off day)

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Hot Spring Museum

The museum mainly introduces the history and development of Beitou, including the history of the Kaida Glan, Dagu, Herba.

Opening Hours:09:00-17:00

(Monday: Off day)

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Beitou Library

Which was selected by the United States as one of the "25 Most Beautiful Public Libraries in the World" in 2012.

Opening Hours:08:30-21:00

(Sunday, Monday off after 17:00)

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Thermal Valley

One of the sources of Beitou Hot Springs, the smog-smooth scenery, like a dream, a fairyland. It is one of the twelve scenic spots in Taiwan in the Japanese era.

Opening Hours:09:00-17:00

(Monday: Off day)

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陽明山 竹子湖

Zhuzihu (Yang ming mountain)

Located in the core area of Yangmingshan National Park, the popular mountain climbing attractions, fresh air, rich landscape, surrounded by food.

Opening Hours:24hr

(Best time: 09:00-17:00)

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Dharma Drum Mountain

One of the historic buildings in Taipei, even non-Buddhists are also a good place to visit the Nongchan Temple, which can make travellers forget the troubles.

Opening Hours:09:00-17:00

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ShiLin Night Market

Visiting the must-see night market in Taipei, most of which are based on food and shopping. There are a variety of goods and food, cheap and large bowls, attracting a large number of people.

Opening Hours:16:00-00:00

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Tamsui Old Street

Visitors must go to the popular attractions, it is recommended to come here in the evening, in addition to the streets of the old streets, you can also enjoy the sunset.

Opening Hours:11:00-20:00

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112 No.11 Youya Road, Beitou District, Taipei 112 Taiwan  |

112 台北市北投區幽雅路11號 |


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